The Bantara Chronicles

Epic Fantasy by Calvin Jones

Empire: The Bantara Chronicles Book One by Calvin Jones

Book 1: Empire

"Empire is fantasy written on a massive scale. Whole countries and empires clash- but the author’s world-building is sure footed and threaded deftly through the narrative...."
Review of Empire  by Laura Bambray
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Empire is a tale of heroes and tyrants, assassins and spies that unfolds against a backdrop of civil unrest and political intrigue. It follows one woman's quest to unearth her true heritage, unlikely alliances and a chain of events that change the fate of the mighty Empire of Bantara forever.
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About Bantara

Bantara is a powerful empire on the world of Ketania, traditionally ruled by a matriarchal dynasty, with power passing down the female line to subsequent generations of Empress. The most recent dynasty, the Naraghorn, was among the most prosperous and stable in the Empire's history.

That changed suddenly when the reigning Empress Quailla disappeared mysteriously whilst returning to the Imperial Capital, Celesti, following a visit to one of the Empire's provincial capitals. Her then husband seized power, using the Empire's military might to stamp out dissent and exert his authority across the nation. On his death, power passed to his son, Chichoni,    

Calvin Jones
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