Empire: The Bantara Chronicles Book One by Calvin Jones


The Bantara Chronicles, Book 1

Empire is a tale of heroes and tyrants, assassins and spies that unfolds against a backdrop of civil unrest and political intrigue. It follows one woman's quest to unearth her true heritage, unlikely alliances and a chain of events that will change the fate of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.
"Empire is fantasy written on a massive scale. Whole countries and empires clash- but the author’s world-building is sure footed and threaded deftly through the narrative...."
Review of Empire  by Laura Bambray
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The Irish Wildlife Collection

The Irish Wildlife Collection is a series of books featuring a selection of wildlife and nature writing as featured in publications like BBC Wildlife Magazine, The Irish Independent, The Countryman, Ireland's Own and of course Ireland's Wildlife. Volume's One and Two of "The Irish Wildlife Collection" are available now with Volume Three on the way.
"This is a gem of a book. It makes you realise how much wildlife is right on our doorsteps and makes you want to go out and find it!"
Review of The Irish Wildlife Collection by Shmree

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Book One in a new crime-thriller series featuring

DI Huw McGrath

Unpredictable, Uncompromising, Unstoppable

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